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3D Printing combined with other technologies such as laser cutting, vacuum forming, rotomolding, professional automotive or artistic painting and the like, is capable of generating projects of extremely high value for its customers.

From trophies, mascots, POS, prototype pieces, mockups, high-end gifts, to final pieces.

3D printing is a technology that has constantly evolved and become cheaper. Today it is possible to purchase excellent quality printers, both in FDM and DLP technology, for less than R$3,000.

Our company has been creating the most fabulous projects since 2016, always striving for quality finishing and service. The products that 3DTEK produces are inherently of the highest standard.

From mascots, trophies, models, mockups, final parts and prototypes, 3DTEK 3D Printing has been the leader in this market for many years now.


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